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Learn a bit about the Goddesses !!  

Goddess Guide Ellen Snortland & her amazing hubby Ken Grubeman (definately connected to his Goddessness!) made us this short video as orientation to ‘Why Goddess’.  We say it is time to rediscover and reclaim our Goddess powers! With their usual humor and insight Ellen and Ken show us a bit of our history. 


What is the Goddess Conversation?

An exploration to connect with and experience the Goddess in EVERYwoman!

We say the time is NOW  for women to step out from behind the curtain and take leading roles as women in the world today … aka as Goddesses! Time for women to stand shoulder to shoulder with men.  In fact, we say when women are empowered as full and equal partners, the whole of society succeeds.

The Goddess Movement has already begun!  There are new conversations such as the #metoo and #timesup movements, new calls for income equality and more women than ever running for public office (globally).  Women are demanding more to be seen and recognized for their talent, skills and the right to BE equals and BE women. 

We invite you to join our community to explore, and connect to  your authentic expression of Goddess. Every culture has a Goddess archetype. As in history and mythology there is no one Goddess, there are many expressions of Goddess.  

This community is not about getting or giving the answers, rather it is about asking questions.  To question is to inquire. Inquiry (not answers) is a well known process of discovering something previously unknown to our conscious awareness. These deeper insights and understandings lead to new actions, new opportunities, and ultimately new results for ourselves and all the lives we touch.

We delve into our life experiences, beliefs, societal systems and structures that distract or distort the  view of ourselves as a unique expression of the divine feminine. We offer live events (The Getaway), conference calls, webinars, and practices designed for you to explore what Goddess (your feminine) really means to you.  How do we claim our power and integrate as full and equal partners in our families, work, community and the world?

Ready to be part of the community?

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We are building a community of women who are ready to explore the unique qualities of the feminine. We will be hosting small events & webinars, posting articles & inquires, designed to engage us as a community to discover more about who we are! Sign up for our newsletter to get it all + exclusive offers on upcoming Getaways!

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