Escape to a Goddess Staycation!


Since we can’t “Getaway” right now, we thought we would bring the Goddess Inquiry to you. There is a Goddess in EVERYwoman EVERYday but she can be hard to find and even harder to maintain in such trying times! 

So, we are creating a Goddess “Staycation” happening right where you are.  It is the opportunity to get together with a group of women who are up to big things! Women, just like you, who now have added stress of job uncertainty, families all trapped at home together, or worse yet, trapped at home apart from loved ones.  Not to mention passion projects that may be on hold.  How do we take care of ourselves now?

We will be using transformative inquiries, weekly practices designed to pamper you, plus special speaker webinars in this 5 week long Goddess immersion.  

Yes, even in these times, maybe especially in these times, it is vital to be nurtured and strong for ourselves and those around us. 

Come, discover why it is more important than ever to let your Goddess shine!

What Your Staycation will include:

5 Saturday Essential Inquiry Sessions

Saturdays, 11a – 1p Central Time / -6 GMT

May 30 – June 27, 2020

 5 Bonus Webinars with our Goddess Guides

Tuesdays, Noon – 1:30p Central Time / -6 GMT

June 2 – June 30, 2020

 5 Goddess Hour Guest Speaker Events

Fridays, 2p-3p Central Time/ -6 GMT

June 5 – July 3, 2020

Simple weekly practices designed for you to RENEW, REFRESH & RESTORE you to your Goddess self.

…and a few other surprises to nurture the Goddess in you!

Cost: $295

** Sessions are LIVE and interactive, not pre-recorded.  AND the recordings for all sessions will be made available to registrants following each session. Scholarships are availble … See FAQs at the bottom of the page for more detail.

Can’t join us this time around? Join the Movement and stay in the know on upcoming Staycation and Getaway opportunities. 

The Weekly Lineup

Week 1

May 30th – June 5th

What is Goddess?” and “Why does it matter to us in this day and age?”

During this week you will inquire to discover why it is SO important to take care of yourself … and HOW?!  If you really knew yourself as a Goddess, aka precious and powerful being, how would that impact your daily living?

Ready to find out !!

Tuesday Bonus Session: Her-Story: The Shoulders You Stand On

~ Ellen Snortland, Goddess Guide 

Women are often depleted, treading water in a vast pool of human history. Move over a few feet and stand on the shoulders of our foremothers. Turkish women invented smallpox vaccine. A woman was Pope. Catherine Greene invented the cotton gin. Come for the fun facts; leave with empowerment. “If they can do it, so can you!”

Friday Goddess Hour - 50% Women: What a Difference Gender Equity Makes!

~ Suzanne Frindt, Global Board Member for the Hunger Project

During this session, Suzanne invites us to experience the power of the feminine by joining her to look through the lens of the work of The Hunger Project. We will learn how empowering women’s voice and leadership in communities living in hunger and poverty makes a transformative and sustainable difference, for them, and for us!

Week 2

June 6th – June 12th

What interrupts Goddess from doing her job?


As a community of women we will explore the all the stuff that separates us from the experience of ourselves as Goddesses.

The hidden stuff that is underneath the WHY we just never have time for ourselves? Or WHY we don’t speak up in those meetings? Or WHY we don’t always insist on being treated the way we know we deserve!

Ready to discover?

Tuesday Bonus Session: Who the Heck Do You Think You Are? Discovering the Imposter Syndrome.

~ Jen Coken, Coach, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Comedian and Leadership expert.

Have you ever been accused of being a Perfectionist? How about trying to be Superwoman? Do have a hard time delegating tasks or feel the need to do things “right the first time.” Believe it or not, these are symptoms of “Imposter Syndrome,” and they are sabotaging your leadership without you knowing it.

Imposter Syndrome is not just for those who feel inadequate or insecure — although that is the usual misunderstanding. Imposter Syndrome is a hallmark of badass boss ladies who sabotage their success by thinking it was just right timing or luck when they achieve a level of success.

Why? How does it happen? And most importantly, what strategies can we implement to eliminate it? You will blow the roof off of the myths we all tell ourselves and crack the code on how to overcome Imposter Syndrome and thrive in life. During this session, you will gain specific tools to identify, process, and conquer the mindset issues that are holding you back.

Friday Goddess Hour: Breaking Up with our Imposter Self

~ Jen Coken

Jen is a storyteller, comedian, and leadership expert, she has a serious thing for authenticity. She also has a thing for actionable lessons sourced from the heart.  She will share with us from her work on busting up the hold  the ‘imposter syndrome’ has on us ladies. 

She will have us cracking up at their own humanity because if we cannot embrace the ridiculousness of this life we lead, what’s the point!

Week 3

June 13th – June 20th

Meet your un-Goddess!!

This week you will get to know that part of yourself that doesn’t allow your natural grace and power to come through in EVERY circumstance or EVERY relationship.

You will learn how to love and care for that un-Goddess bit of who you are so that she is safe and QUIET.  Your natural beauty and Goddess powers will have the chance to emerge!

Ready to PLAY? 

Tuesday Bonus Session: Getting Your Goddess Groove back after Divorce and other Grand failures!

~ Dianna Hanken, Author, motivational Speaker & Certified Coach. 

Divorce and other crushing defeats and failures of life  (especially our womanhood) disconnect us from who we really are.  When failure happens, as women, we tend to see them as a result of deep and personal failings.  The fallout often leaves us not trusting ourselves or our choices. 

Dianna teaches women to listen, trust and act on their inner knowledge to achieve enduring confidence, unstoppable resilience and lasting joy.  This is a returning to your inherent Goddess-ness, your inner strength and power to create and achieve new beautiful horizons after heartbreak.

Friday Goddess Hour: What does gender have to do with it? Nothing or Everything?' Maybe BOTH!

~ Tien Neo Eamas, Gender Guide

Being written .. stay tuned!

Week 4

June 20th – 26th 

To Forgive or not Forgive? A Goddess Super Power!


Discover your forgiveness powers and live fully and freely.

Whether you have experienced unspeakable trauma, had mean people or bad things happen in your life, we all carry with us old hurts and resentments.

We often rationalize them away, or just make life a bit smaller to keep the pain away. There is another option .. to forgive.  Forgiveness is NOT the easy path. Often, even if we can forgive others, we do not forgive ourselves for having gotten in the mess.

Ready to forgive? 

Tuesday Bonus Session: What about me? … Why Compassionate Self-Forgiveness matters most of all!

~ Judi Price, Goddess Guide 

Compassionate Self-Forgiveness is a powerful healing process. Judi will share with us some of the principles of her compassionate self forgiveness work. Even when we forgive others, we rarely think of turning our forgiveness powers on ourselves. 

Forgiveness has the power to dissolve inner disturbances, release judgements, and open us up for the love that is inherently within us. Practicing compassionate self-forgiveness reconnects us with the Loving Essence of who we are.

Friday Goddess Hour: How do we Forgive the Unforgivable?

~ Anne & Leila Reyes

We know forgiving is the right thing to do, but why is it so hard? If I forgive them, is it a license for them to do it all again, or to someone else? These and MANY other tough questions come into play when we confront forgiving those that have done us harm.

During this hour Anne will interview Leila Reyes, an extraordinary Goddess who has turned her journey of forgiveness and love into a brilliant life and coaching career

Week 5

June 27th – July 3rd

Restore Your Goddess!

“We can’t look to the world to restore our worth; we are here to restore our worth to the world.” ~ Marianne Williamson

We say there is a Goddess in EVERYwoman. Not just the tall ones, or the pretty ones, or the enlightened ones.  Goddess appears in many forms. Your Goddess-ness will be restored.

You will be ready to allow your Goddess  powers to be embraced, leaving freedom in their wake.  An evolutionary restoring of feminine worth in the world.

Ready to meet your Goddess?

Tuesday Bonus Session: Creating your personal Goddess ritual

~ Lettecia Kratz, Goddess Guide 

During the previous weeks, you have been uncovering what Goddess means to you. In an inquiry about your expereince of yourself as a precious and sacred being, you will embody your Goddess-ness. How will you keep this experience alive for yourself over time? 

In this session, Lettecia will guide us through setting up ourselves to nurture that sacred self. How to care for the feminine in our soul so we can tap in to our natural power whenever we need to.

Friday Goddess Hour: Celebration !!

~ Anne Peterson & The Goddess Guides

In this weeks Goddess Hour, we will be sharing all that we have gotten from the exploration of ‘who we are as Goddesses/women’ .  We will consider how this awareness has impacted and will impact, not only us, but the lives we touch.

Meet the Facilitators 


RECORDINGS: If I miss a session, will I have access to a recording of the session?

YES!!  All of the sessions will be recorded and made available to all registered participants until the end of July, 2020. 

We do ask that you do everything possible to attend the Saturday primary inquiry sessions as these are the backbone of the inquiry. We understand that sometimes things come up.  In that case, we ask that you schedule the time to watch the recording and do the exercises BEFORE the following Saturday’s session.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Times are really tough, are there scholarships available?

We know the Global Pandemic has made it financially difficult for many people AND we know that now, more than ever, we need women taking care of themselves. 

If you would like to participate and just don’t have the available funds at this time, please send us an email introducing yourself to, make a request for what you need and our answer will be YES!!

WHO: Is the staycation for women only?

Yes! The Goddess Staycation is about women taking some time for themselves and gathering to explore and discover their personal connection to what is unique and special about being a woman.  

We invite you to take this opportunity to spend the time to nurture yourself.

CANCELLATION / TRANSFER: If I have to cancel, do I get a refund?

You can cancel your participation at any time up until the start of the Goddess Staycation, May 30th, 2020.  Just send us an email to let us know you wish to cancel and a refund, less than a $50 non-refundable administration fee, will be mailed to you. 

Rather than cancel, you could also transfer your registration to another Goddess. If you would like to do this, email us at to make the switch.

US/Canada 1-888-200-3599

Outside US/Canada 1-972-360-3196


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