2020 Getaway Team

Anne Transforming Poolside!

Large Group Inquiry (Daily)

Guided by Anne Peterson

This week is about EVERY woman discovering her unique expression as a Goddess, find her voice and being free to live as herself!

Inquiry is the methodology we will be using. Inquiry is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘an official investigation’. Self-Inquiry is a long establish spiritual practice defined as ‘the process of discovering something previously unknown to our conscious awareness’.

Throughout the week, we will be working together in large group inquiry sessions.  

In these sessions, we will investigate “What is it to know ourselves as Goddesses?” The inquiry sessions will create the basis for the whole of this transformative vacation. We will set out to discover the past experiences, societal and personal beliefs, etc. that distract or distort our experience of ourselves as unique and divine feminine beings (aka Goddesses!)

Through this open ended inquiry about the nature of Goddess, you will discover your own personal expression of your Goddess.

Physical Practice (Daily Yoga, Dance, etc.)

Stay Tuned for who will be facilitating!!

We will be moving into the body to further get in touch with our true Goddess nature. Each day, Robyn will lead us in a physical practice for every fitness level, crafted to deepen our discoveries.

Why bother? So much of the time we get locked up in our minds (aka thinking) to work through life’s challenges.

Paying attention to every movement and bringing awareness to the breath, is what Robyn describes as having an “in body” experience. Movement is the language of the body, while the breath is the language of the spirit. Combined, acute awareness of both creates harmony for the whole person.

Yoga where you ARE!

Small Group Sessions

Throughout the week, these special two hour sessions will be offered by our Guides. The sessions are crafted to facilitate deeper discussion and exploration into the unique issues and views of women in the world today.  

 Wisdom of the Ancient Goddesses and Why it Matters Now?!

~Lettecia Kratz

In my personal journey of healing around my upbringing and my religious ties, I discovered the wisdom of ancient goddesses. I will share insights that involve mystical experiences, historical context, inner transformation, sensual expansion, and feminine wholeness.

We will look at some ancient artifacts, archaeological theories, conventional and progressive tellings of history, and how this shapes our current societal context as well as our inner experience of ourselves. You will be invited to see the world from a different vantage point, one that is profoundly healing and empowering for women today.  

Her-Story: The Shoulders You Stand On

Ellen Snortland

Women are often depleted, treading water in a vast pool of human history. Move over a few feet and stand on the shoulders of our foremothers. Turkish women invented smallpox vaccine. A woman was Pope. Catherine Greene invented the cotton gin. Come for the fun facts; leave with empowerment. “If they can do it, so can you!”

When Women Speak! 

Marilyn Sutherland

Have you ever not been heard?  Where you taught to always be nice, polite and dare we say… lady like?!  In this session Marilyn will explore with us all the subtle and not so subtle ways women have learned they must speak, or must NOT speak to be heard. Together we will open ourselves up to new ways a speaking and listening to ourselves and each other.  Ways that elevate the voices of all women so that we WILL BE HEARD! 

This or That: The Limits of Binary Thinking

Elayne Lucas & Molly Stillwell

Ever feel overwhelmed by too many choices? Or how about stuck with only this way or that way? In this session you will explore the ways binary thinking limits us and begin to explore what is beyond the black and white, this or that binary choices we typically think we have.  Making choices and the fear of making the wrong ones is a huge source of suffering and guilt for many women.  Time to expand our horizons!

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