2019 Getaway Recap

Katherine in Action! 

Featured Speaker

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT 

“Katherine’s grounded and fierce tenderness has been an inspiring force for me for years. She is a visionary whose passion for both personal and global fulfillment is felt throughout her writing, presence and teachings. I am so grateful for her.”  ~ Alanis Morissette Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter

We are THRILLED that Katherine will be joining us at this inaugural Goddess Getaway as a Featured Speaker!  Her extraordinary body of work combined with her visionary and unstoppable commitment to the evolution of people towards their higher purpose and self is a perfect fit for this transformative Getaway.

Katherine will be sharing with us from her newest creation “A True You Awakening: Evolving Beyond Your Story”. This new work is what is at the heart of her bestselling “Conscious Uncoupling” and “Calling In The One” books and programs. She will be bringing some of this new and exciting work alive inside our inquiry about who we are as Goddesses.

“You must experience a wholehearted, whole-bodied awakening to who you really are – beyond any stories born from past traumas that you’ve been overly identified with – so that your True Self becomes your center of gravity and the Self from which you are generating your life . . . so that you are empowered to create the life you really want and were born to be living!” ~ Katherine

Anne +hubby Dave hard at work?

Large Group Inquiry (Daily)

Guided by Anne Peterson

This week is about EVERY woman discovering her unique expression as a Goddess and being free to live as herself!

Inquiry is the methodology we will be using. Inquiry is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘an official investigation’. Self-Inquiry is a long establish spiritual practice defined as ‘the process of discovering something previously unknown to our conscious awareness’.

Throughout the week, we will be working together in large group inquiry sessions.  

In these sessions, we will investigate “What is it to know ourselves as Goddesses?” The inquiry sessions will create the basis for the whole of this transformative vacation. We will set out to discover the past experiences, societal and personal beliefs, etc. that distract or distort our experience of ourselves as unique and divine feminine beings (aka Goddesses!)

Through this open ended inquiry about the nature of Goddess, you will discover your own personal expression of your Goddess.

Physical Practice (Daily Yoga, Dance, etc.)

Robyn Marin 

We will be moving into the body to further get in touch with our true Goddess nature. Each day, Robyn will lead us in a physical practice for every fitness level, crafted to deepen our discoveries.

Why bother? So much of the time we get locked up in our minds (aka thinking) to work through life’s challenges.

Paying attention to every movement and bringing awareness to the breath, is what Robyn describes as having an “in body” experience. Movement is the language of the body, while the breath is the language of the spirit. Combined, acute awareness of both creates harmony for the whole person.

Yoga where you ARE!

Gina waves!

Meditations (Daily)

Guided by Gina Carlson

Morning and evening group meditation sessions will be offered each day.

Gina will be facilitating using her uniquie Emboditate® Meditation System. Meditation connects us to our deepest instincts for thriving on all levels of our experience. It frees us from restrictive patterns of thought, emotion and ways of being, often held in the body, that limit our authentic expression, clarity, vitality, creativity, focus, strength and flow as women.

Emboditate® Meditation develops mental, emotional and sensorial acuity and highly functional rapport with body and breath. This supports our connection to the divine and assists us to further discover our inner Goddess.

Open Sharing Sessions (Daily)

Guided by Jane Grandbouche 

Ever notice we women tend to work things out and get what we got, in terms of insights and breakthroughs, by talking?

Every evening after dinner, there will be an opportunity to come together to share and explore what is opening up for you.  Jane’s powerful listening and gentle questions will facilitate and deepen the realizations available to you throughout the Getaway. 

Jane, husband Brad + 3 Grand-Goddesses  🙂

Small Group Sessions

Throughout the week, these special two hour sessions will be offered by our Guides. The sessions are crafted to facilitate deeper discussion and exploration into the unique issues and views of women in the world today.  

Beauty, Health & Aging – Do I have to?!!

Dr Jill Sung 

It’s all SO exhausting, expensive and seems to require a Masters Degree to sort through all the conflicting studies, reports and information on any of it! AND talk about judements, assements and shame … beauty, health and aging are the trifecta!!  Dr Jill will delve into how fun and simple being healthy, beautiful and aging gracefully can actually be. 

Goddess Schmoddess

Ellen Snortland 

A hands-on writing workshop explores non-stereotypical goddess aspects in fun, deep and easy exercises. Whether you journal, say “someday I would love to write,” or you already have a writing routine, discover your goddess newly. Perhaps she’s gentle, warlike or even a goofball prankster. Let your pen and paper reveal your divine.

Her-Story: The Shoulders You Stand On

Ellen Snortland

Women are often depleted, treading water in a vast pool of human history. Move over a few feet and stand on the shoulders of our foremothers. Turkish women invented smallpox vaccine. A woman was Pope. Catherine Greene invented the cotton gin. Come for the fun facts; leave with empowerment. “If they can do it, so can you!”

Compassionate Self-Forgiveness

Judi Price

Learn how to stay in motion through your self-doubts, criticisms and fears. Compassionate Self-Forgiveness is a powerful healing process. In this 2-hour session, you will learn a process designed to dissolve inner disturbances, release judgements, and surrender to the Loving that is inherently within you. Practicing compassionate self-forgiveness reconnects us with the Loving Essence of who we are.

It’s Never Too Late for LOVE!!

Dr. Joan Brager EdD

This workshop is for the woman who knows she deserves to have a loving partner in her life. It will show you that it is possible!  At age 62 Dr. Joan found and married the good man she had always hoped for. What she learned from this has inspired other women to find happiness in love. There is simply a set of practices that you need to implement. What she did you can do too, meet the man of your dreams, create a home life that is filled with love, and trust again, even after your heart has been broken … really! 

Fairy Tales and Fantasies: How Disney Sabotaged Your Goddess.

Marilyn Sutherland

It’s hard to be a Goddess when you didn’t grow up to look like Cinderella and Charming never came (or he left). In this workshop you will explore how even when love shows up, we reject it because it doesn’t match the fantasy. You will reveal the unconscious ways you reject love and you’ll heal the shoulda, woulda, couldas around your love life.

This or That: Did I Choose Right??!!

Molly Stillwell

Ever feel overwhelmed by too many choices? Or how about stuck with only this way or that way? Look back on choices you have made and thought “If I had only known”. Choosing is hard and too often a source of suffering and guilt for women. Come and explore the nature of choice REALLY. Find freedom and peace in the choices you have made.

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