Goddess Talk

Goddess Talk: Burnout is Real

As women we hold ourselves responsible for EVERYTHING … be the best Mother, Wife, Career woman … ALL of it ALL of the time … why? You ARE EVERY-woman but why? Our Goddesses discuss how to be EVERY- Woman and not burnout. Listen to the full discussion>>

Why talk about “Divine Feminine”

While the Goddess Movement and Goddess Getaway is not all about the Divine Feminine, we do intend that women who explore with us in this community conversation experience a deeper connection to their divine feminine aspects. This whole Goddess exploration started for...

Goddess Talk: Living a Goddess Life

Our Goddesses debunk the myths that have taken Goddess down. What ideas or portrayals has Goddess been reduced from one of a powerful strong feminine being to a fragile, whispy, airy fairy, damsel in distress? And in what ways should we change our lifestyle to start...

What is a Goddess anyhow? And Can I be one?

What is a Goddess anyhow? And Can I be one? In this episode of Goddess Talk we'll explore what is right about being a Goddess? What is wrong with being a Goddess? And how do we get to Goddess status? Hear the full conversation here: Goddess Talk: What is a...