Creation Inspirations from the Shower

~ From Goddess Guide Marilyn Sutherland

This year I’ve got several exciting (and scary) projects I’m taking on. I’m launching a new YouTube channel and hosting an online Summit with speakers this Spring. Plus, I’m editing my book with the goal of getting it published in paperback by Valentine’s Day. But getting to this point wasn’t exactly easy.

Thinking back to last year, when my mentor was training us on putting on a Summit and starting a YouTube Channel, I let fear stop me from pursuing these projects. Although some of my reasons were valid, I was also worried about how to fit the Summit into an already busy schedule and feared not being able to manage the technology involved or the time I needed to edit my book.

Fast forward to the first week of January, I was on a call with my mastermind business community and, guess what? I did it! I committed to doing a Summit for women like you–smart, conscious, professional women who want to be the best they can be in all areas of their life, just like a 21st century Goddess.

A few days later, I’m in the shower and reflecting on how this is my year to express my passion, be a sought after speaker, and be seen. I was feeling the excitement as ideas popped in my head and then, it happened! I thought to myself: how will I get this all done? I felt the fear again! I felt the fear of being seen, getting it all done without wearing myself out and worrying about dealing with the technology needed to support all the activities I’m doing.  

Wow, even as I’m writing about these fears, I can feel my chest tightening.

What we think and believe can be so powerful. Most of these thoughts and beliefs may reside in our subconscious but, even when we know they are there, they are still operating and limiting us. I knew I was afraid and yet I still let fear stop me and didn’t even try to see how things could work.

Now, what are you avoiding doing that would be a breakthrough for you? What would you create for 2020 if you didn’t let fear stop you from fulfilling your dreams?

Here are the 4 things I am doing that moved me beyond my fears and into action to fulfill on what I want in 2020!  I offer them to you to support you and what you want this year …


Write down your dreams and start sharing it with others.  As you share, you will get clearer about what you want. Others will start asking questions or providing feedback that will help you clarify your ideas. They will suggest resources they think could help you take your dream in new directions. It is amazing how when we become clear about what we want to create, and who we want to be to create it, opportunities come to us. How can the universe support us if we don’t say what we want? 


If we want to create something new and challenging, we need support. By support, I mean encouragement and accountability. To fulfill what we want to create, we must think new thoughts, feel new emotions, and say and do new things that are outside our comfort zone. We are not meant to create alone. 

Doing so will require support from your community. One person who is critical is an accountability partner, who will listen to your promises and hold you accountable. I have different accountability partners for different projects!  

When you are stuck, confused or thinking of quitting, you want a community of people to reach out to, who will listen, help you see other options, make suggestions, and when needed, kick your butt. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, then we need others to help us see how our old habits limit us and help us create new ones that leave us inspired to fulfill our promise.


Without practicing the new thinking, feelings/emotions, and what we say and do, it’s unlikely anything will change. It takes intention to interrupt the automatic habits, do something different, and create new habits for success.

Since my inspiration in the shower, when I really felt the fear and owned it, I’ve been practicing two things. First, noticing whenever I feel the fear–the tightness in my chest and internal conversations about how I can’t do it. Second, when I feel the fear come up, I’m renaming it as “excitement”! Fear and excitement feel the same in our bodies–such as a faster heart rate, a feeling of energy, or butterflies. I literally am practicing shifting my fear to excitement to empower me instead of stopping me. “I am feeling so excited. This is my year. I’m being visible so the people who want what I offer can find me. I will be able to help so many more women master the relationship skills so they attract the love, confidence, and joy they want!”   

Without practice–which requires action–nothing will happen. You’ll have another list of resolutions that you didn’t do a year from now. 


Whatever you do that is an accomplishment, no matter how small, celebrate it. Celebration has us be joyful and floods our brain with happy hormones that keep us in action. And when you start to celebrate what you have accomplished–even the baby steps, you gain confidence in yourself.   


Marilyn is a Relationship & Communications Coach.  The learn more about Marilyns work check out her website