Creation: The Space and The Spark

~ From Goddess Guide Lettecia Kratz

What is required for creation to occur? Creation that goes beyond intentions, resolutions, goals, and actually becomes the realization of a new possibility, alive and well in our lives–our new normal. As an Executive Coach, I was trained to have clients design projects which included a vision, year long goals, detailed timelines and milestones, specific measurable results, with daily, weekly, and monthly actions. And clients were encouraged to take on 3 or 4 such projects at once. Wow, that’s a lot to do! 

In order to accomplish a big goal, it usually requires more than simply taking more actions, no matter how consistent or well thought-out they are. It means going beyond our current mindset, skillset, and habits. It means not only doing, but transforming our very being.

However, such profound transformation is complex, non-linear, integral and usually different than what one predicts. Invariably, whenever a client of mine felt stuck, they would say, “just tell me what to do!” I would ask them questions to uncover their ways of being, their deeper beliefs. And, turns out, the root causes of why they were stuck were usually not what they assumed, which left them unable to move through that stuck place on their own. Sometimes they would make those shifts after our conscious inquiry, but other times, there was still a missing piece of the puzzle. 

“All things are born of the feminine receptive energy and are seeded by masculine active energy.” Amara Charles

I first heard this idea when I was in a course that included teachings from ancient Native American traditions. They also referred to this dynamic as “Space and Spark.”

Our modern Western culture values ambitious goals, productivity, reliable timelines and impressive results. Such goals and projects are grounded in a very “masculine” or active energy and, in order to accomplish them, people tend to think we must do more, do differently, do better. Do something! Just do it. This is all spark. 

These goals are like seeds that one hopes to bring to fruition; however, without the proper conditions, the proper soil, a receptive space, it is possible to plant a thousand seeds which will never bear fruit. But we are often less attentive to the other, equally important half, the “feminine” or receptive energy. 

So if intentions are like sparks, then how do we build them into a fire, and how do we sustain it? In reality, we all know that a simple spark is completely insufficient for a fire that cooks food, warms, provides light, and sustains life. The type of tinder, kindling, dampness or dryness, the amount of oxygen, and the speed of the wind are a few conditions that need to be in place in order for the spark to become a nourishing blaze.

This year I have made several life transitions, and am at the outset of inspiring work and personal projects–so many exciting sparks! And, if you read my last blog, you might remember that we just purchased a new home. Each week I normally plan out all the things I hope to accomplish in my projects, I make to-do lists and have lots of appointments on my calendar. But with the new house comes new issues: a large, moist dark spot in our kitchen ceiling (time to call the plumber), not enough furniture or working window covering (which feels urgent). My task list starts to grow, things build up, and I don’t get to everything on my list. This is when I become stressed and make myself wrong. Sound familiar? 

Then I thought, rather than continuing to make myself wrong for, and feel stressed about, all the things on my to-do list, I’ve decided to give myself some grace, and some more space.

Where are the conditions or space right for my sparks to become fire? (Put working blinds in my bedroom, getting hot water to the showers). Where does my space need more attention before I try so hard to create something new? (Letting go of some of the rigid timelines I was holding myself to and allowing my daily choices to tend more to my space).

When my mental, physical, and psychological spaces are clearer, I can be more receptive. I have time to return phone calls and do morning practices that prepare me to have a good day. I have the conditions to make better choices based on my current awareness, rather than pressure myself to take on too many projects just because they’re on my to-do list.

Allowing myself to let go of this more “masculine” energy when it is not what is serving me best, is giving me the space I require to benefit from all the sparks that are available to me. It gives me permission to include more “feminine” energy, by listening to myself, putting a hold on some projects, and sustaining what is working well. 

Questions that I have found helpful for me are:

  • Where are the conditions ripe?
  • What am I currently receptive to and what is a spark for later?
  • What conditions do I need to tend to and what space can I create?

Right now, the conditions are right primarily for me to finish settling into my new home, to relax and sleep well, and to continue giving priority to serving my current clients well. These choices are clearly giving me the space I need to cultivate the blazes I intend for the whole year.