A Goddess Transformation

By Robyn Marin Bishop

Typically when I hear the words renew, refresh and restore I think of my computer—that crashed—or a page I need to refresh. We restore those hunks of metal ASAP, but when it comes to renewing, restoring and refreshing ourselves, well most of us don’t think too much about it! We’re busy

We’re busy doing things we think are important and in many cases are, but this was a vacation to take a deep dive into the exploration and inquiry into Goddess-ness. Most of us didn’t know even where to start thinking about it…really, can I be a Goddess? This is what I asked myself… What does it mean? And do Goddesses eat bagels and cheese? And bacon? I’m so far from perfect…Is that okay?

We did sessions with conversations about our feminine and masculine qualities, inner beauty and health, how advertising and “Disney” culture of beauty sets us up to feel bad. We talked about binary thinking and the traps we can fall into if we’re always thinking “this or that”, “right or wrong”, female or male. Authors shared their latest books and took us through exercises for personal growth and becoming crystal clear about what we want to show up in our lives.

I was honored to lead the ladies through a daily morning yoga practice. We had a session on self-defense—Don’t mess! With a Goddess! We had plenty of time to lounge by the pool, take in the fresh ocean air, dine on fine cuisine while being spoiled by the gracious staff at The Westin Hotel. It’s a gorgeous property abundant with art and mature lush tropical plantings, indoor waterfalls and plenty of nooks for solitude.

We did a creative writing session and were entertained and educated with a one-woman show interspersed with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We had time to make vision boards of our Goddess Selves and we even made a vision board for, what we called our Un-Goddess

Although we gathered together for this retreat, we all experienced a different take away. Personally I discovered that the title Goddess and God are synonymous and that they both mean Love to me. When I unconditionally love myself, accept myself I feel peace and most like a Goddess. The Un-Goddess is that voice in my head that plays old scripted monologues of negativity. Before the work we did, I let those ideas lead the show quite a bit. I’d listen to her spin tales about me that are untrue, but were attached to old hurts. We named our Un-Goddesses. I call mine Nay Nay, as in the naysayer. 

I’ve been home now for five days and Nay Nay has pulled a few childish tantrums, but instead of letting her wreck the peace, I listen to her for a minute or two—then send her to take a time out—just like my sons when they were little. They pitched fits on the regular and when I was strong, but kind and IN CHARGE, they felt safe and cared for. A swaddled baby is always more secure. My Goddess is a swaddling blanket of LOVE I now wrap around myself. 

I came home happy. Full. And Content. Renewed, refreshed AND restored, in the image of Love, the way I was born.