FEELING Feminine?

Tuesday’s Goddess Talks continue to be a source of extraordinary questions and fun investigations into living life as a woman in the world today.

WOW! is all I can say … Goddess Guide Gina Carlson led a fabulous Goddess Talk exploring FEELING Feminine.  You just never know exactly where the conversation will go… we discovered that for many of us, we FEEL feminine when we are taking care of ourselves, such as getting our nails done or using our favorite skin care. For others, feeling feminine was sourced in the reflection of others.  When others admire our femininity, we feel it.  Or maybe it is the contrast between feminine and masculine that is the source of feeling feminine.

So WHY? Why do we care? Why inquire into these things? BECAUSE—if one is willing, the inquiry will always lead to new insights about how we as individuals (and in groups) are operating unconsciously.

Ever wonder why things in your life seem to repeat? Circumstances, relationships, moods and upsets, habits that are resistant to behavioral modification techniques … you know the ones !!

Consider what is underneath the things that do not change in life is the stuff hanging out in your unconscious.  Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word says it all …

The Unconscious (noun):
the part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind but which affects behavior and emotions.

Yep … what if it is the case that your unconscious mind drives your behavior and emotions more than your conscious mind??!!  As a smart person who has spent A LOT of my adult life seeking consciousness, that is a pretty insulting idea.  But when I really look, I can see that most of my day is spent on a sort of autopilot, doing what there is to do, feeling whatever shows up (or suppressing feeling to get more done) not in a mindful or aware state. How about you?

So WHY bother with bringing the unconscious to the conscious? I mean life mostly works if we tell the truth so why mess with things?  Because when we do, healing and upgrades can happen. The healed or upgraded ideas create choice (new ways of seeing) and the new thoughts and notions then drift back into the unconscious mind where they support healthier, more effective behaviors and emotions.

The new awareness or insight I had in this particular Goddess Talk was how much I need or look for permission to feel (or be) feminine. I almost always have to have a reason to “indulge” in activities or feelings that I associate with being feminine.  This opened up a whole world of thinking I wasn’t even aware of.  It seems like… it is dangerous or indulgent to BE or FEEL feminine!

I immediately saw the limitations and my unwillingness to feel the experiences in the arena of The Feminine!  Just bringing this to my awareness gave me the opportunity to choose a new path … I am safe, and it is my human right to feel my feminine!

What new things could you say if you knew what was lurking in your unconscious mind?!  All of this from an hour long open inquiry with a handful of brilliant Goddesses.

Click here to listen to the full Goddess Talk: FEELing Feminine and see what you discover for yourself!  Bonus… Gina also leads a short meditation!!

Enjoy ~ Anne Peterson