Why talk about “Divine Feminine”

While the Goddess Movement and Goddess Getaway is not all about the Divine Feminine, we do intend that women who explore with us in this community conversation experience a deeper connection to their divine feminine aspects.

This whole Goddess exploration started for me when I attended a marriage weekend workshop. It was set up so that the women could learn ‘what men need/want’ and men could learn ‘what women need/want’.  I was surprised when I came away with new insight about what I, as a woman, REALLY wanted and needed in my relationship. I had a direct recognition of the truth upon hearing things like … women need to experience love, to be honored for their leadership in the relationship. Prior to that, I thought I really just needed/wanted my husband to take the dang garbage out, help walk the dog and just cook dinner sometimes! I associated experiencing love, romantic gestures and other such things as girly. Things neither he, nor I, had time for while raising 4 children and 2 businesses.

I was awakened to the idea that experiencing being loved really did matter to me (at least as much as getting things done). Now, one could argue we all need to feel love but for me, the touchy feely stuff occurred as girly stuff. I saw myself as a more serious, get things done, make things happen kinda person … all qualities I recognized as more traditionally thought of as masculine. When I opened up to receiving more of the touchy feely love stuff, qualities I thought of as girly, I wondered what other “girly” things was I missing out on. I also got curious about why “girly” things had become, for me, risky or a kind of weakness.

You may find yourself starting to ask yourself some similar types of questions or having similar kinds of reactions to the “girly” stuff. What is more “girly” or “weird” than the Divine Feminine?! When my friends started talking about the divine feminine, and as a good christian girl I thought… ohh that’s the woo woo stuff. But as I started to listen and read, I realized the idea of masculine and feminine is another way to talk about being a human being. Evolving the various qualities and capacities we have access to as human beings embraces the WHOLE human being. 

I invite you into the inquiry for yourself! To get you started I found this great article that gives some really cool thoughts about how the concept of divine feminine is much more than just a buzz word … check it out and come back and tell me what you think!

~ Anne